NATO Poses No Threat to Russia Unless Threatened, Nuland Says

Stressing that NATO is a defensive alliance whose sole purpose is to protect its members, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland pointed on Tuesday that the alliance poses no threat to Russia unless it is threatened.

Noting that diplomacy is the best option to restore stability and security for Ukraine, Europe and Russia Nuland also used the opportunity to reiterate that any invasion of Ukraine will have a painful impact on Russia, mentioning there the financial measures and export restrictions that may be imposed on Moscow by the United States and its allies if such incident happens.

Her remarks came after Geneva talks between American and Russian parties and before the scheduled Russia-NATO talks in Brussels on Wednesday.

Commenting US-Russia security talks, Nuland pointed that it’s almost impossible for a single round to settle everything with such intense issues, including military transparencies, intermediate-range missile placement, and arms control.

Famous for her support for Ukraine ever since the infamous Maidan revolution, Nuland didn’t stop short of expressing that support again, accusing Moscow of preparing a plan for the internal destabilization of Ukraine.

She blamed Russia for creating the ongoing border by amassing 100,000 troops on Ukraine’s borders, underscoring that Moscow has also prepared internal sabotage and false flag options for the neighboring country.

US Ambassador to NATO, Julianne Smith, has also proved to support the same line of thinking and expressing US solidarity with Ukraine, pointing before NATO-Russia talks that this crisis has been precipitated by Russian actions and that NATO allies are ready to deter further Russian aggression.

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