Lloyd Austin Takes Aim at China at Reagan National Defense Forum

Image source: ABC News

Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense took aim at China in his speech on Saturday at the Reagan National Defense Forum, Fox News informed.

Austin spoke with Bret Baier saying that China is not 10 feet tall.

Austin stated that the US is a Pacific country and that the region of Indo-Pacific offers great opportunities and challenges. One of the challenges of this region is the emergence of China as an assertive and autocratic power.

The Defense Secretary got together with some other top leaders and voiced that it is very important for ties between the US and other allies to be strengthened.

Some experts have warned from the threats Russia and China set as the countries continued with their troop’s build-up.

The Chief of defense also said that whether they are in war or in peace that working together with friends will make each party stronger.

Austin also stated that the United States will not make countries choose between them and China. Biden’s administration is finding a way to boost the deterrence against the aggression of China towards Taiwan.

The tensions between China and the US are still ongoing and escalated even further as the Chinese government is aiming at reunifying Taiwan with the mainland.

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