DeSantis’ State Guard Blasted by Critics

Left-wing political figures and pundits voiced concerns on Friday after Ron DeSantis, the Republican Governor of Florida unveiled a proposal to create a “State Guard,” Fox News informed.

The “State Guard” would be sort of a civilian-military force controlled by him and it will work towards assisting his office in some emergencies in the state.

The Governor’s proposal plans funding that amounts to $3.5 million. The funding will be taken from Florida’s armed forces budget and will be used for the creation of the new State Guard.

DeSantis’ office said that the budget is aimed at enabling civilians to undergo training in order to learn the best response techniques in emergency situations and assist when that kind of event occurs, whether it is a natural disaster, hurricane, or another state emergency.

The proposal was immediately blasted by DeSantis’ critics, with some saying that he is actually trying to create a paramilitary force that will serve his purposes.

DeSantis who had altercations with the Biden administration before said that the state guard will not be burdened by the federal government.

Democratic Representative Charlie Christ from Florida said that governors should not have their own secret police force.

A Florida State Guard was also created during the period of World War II and it served to replace the members of the National Guard that served overseas. This State Guard was dissolved in 1947.

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