US and NATO Launch Potential Weapon Carriers Into Space, Russia Warns

Russia is worried that the US and NATO are launching potential weapon carriers into space, Dmitry Rogozin, general director of Roscosmos, said on Saturday.

“This is a topic that cannot but worry us, since this is the militarization of outer space. We see how in the last decades the US and its NATO allies have been deploying not weapons into space, but potential carriers of these weapons,” Rogozin said on the YouTube channel “Soloviev Live”.

Meanwhile, the wreckage from the satellite destroyed by the latest Russian weapons is under the supervision of Roscosmos, and they do not threaten anyone, Rogozin said.

Roscosmos is monitoring the destroyed satellite debris, and it does not threaten the ISS. Rogozin also added that anti-satellite weapons are an obvious asset that Russia needs to have.

On November 16, it was revealed that Russia has tested anti-satellite weapons. The rocket destroyed an out-of-order spacecraft. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation immediately reported that the satellite debris would pass 40-60 kilometers below the ISS.

However, the US and NATO condemned the testing of the latest weapons.

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