Pentagon to Help Troops Cover Rising Housing and Food Costs

Image source: ABC News

Pentagon will be pumping money into new housing allowances and food security programs aimed at struggling military families, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced on Wednesday as housing and consumer costs are skyrocketing rise across the country.

Secretary Austin noted that the increased housing allowances will not be the solution for all the economic worries military families are faced with, but is one step ahead to getting this right, stressing that Americans in uniform and their families should not worry about basic necessities like food and housing, on top of everything else.

He didn’t put a price tag on the new initiatives nor it is clear where the money for its funding will come from, but the Pentagon will temporarily raise the basic housing allowance in areas in which the rental has raised 10% this year, and will also allow military families more time to find a home by extending temporary lodging expense reimbursements so.

DOD was also ordered to create a “toolkit” aimed at helping commanders identify service members that are experiencing problems in connecting with services that assist them with housing concerns or food security.

Military departments now have 90 days to report back on their progress in getting financial help to the troops in need.

Rampant pandemic-induced supply chain problems and inflation have raised consumer prices about 6.2%, the largest increase in 30 years, creating economic instability that also affects, however surprising it might sound, people in uniforms.

Only a few days ago, Feeding America, which coordinates the activities of over 200 food banks in the US, pointed that at least 160.000 active-duty military members are struggling with food insecurity, having trouble feeding their families.

According to its info, the problem in one of the most well-funded institutions in the world primarily affects junior-level enlisted service members and if you add to that the internal military culture of self-sufficiency, you get a closed vicious circle.

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