Congress Approves $1 Trillion Infrastructure Development Plan

The House of Representatives of the US Congress on Friday approved a plan for the development of the country’s infrastructure for more than $1 trillion, CNN reported.

The initiative was approved in August by the Senate of the Congress, now it is sent to the table of President Joe Biden, who, as previously reported in the White House, will sign it soon.

The plan, agreed by the White House and a bipartisan group of senators, involves, in particular, the allocation of federal funds for infrastructure development for $550 billion over five years. Before the vote, the US leader called on Congress to approve the plan.

According to the White House, Biden spoke by phone late into the evening with congressmen, discussing the importance of approving the initiative.

Initially, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party did not want to support the bill, but after many hours of consultations, they agreed to approve it.

The total volume of the plan approved on Friday is $1.2 trillion. In particular, the project provides for the allocation of $110 billion for the construction of bridges and roads, $11 billion for transport security programs.

Another $39 billion is planned to be spent on the modernization of public transport, 42 billion – on the development of the infrastructure of ports and air harbors. $55 billion will go to the drinking water system, the program provides $65 billion to provide the population with high-speed Internet. $73 billion is planned to be invested in the transportation of clean energy.

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