Russia, China are Threats to Emerging Technologies, NCSC Warns

The NCSC (National Counterintelligence and Security Center) on Friday mentioned that it will prioritize the industry outreach efforts in the US technology sectors that are the most important for the economic and national security, and warned about the numerous threats towards the nation posed by Russia and China, Fox News informed.

The NCSC argued that their outreach to the technology segments is created to raise awareness about possible threats and provide aid to the sectors in order to protect their talent and research while keeping the scientific collaboration and innovation intact.

The NCSC also said that biotechnology, computing manufacturing, and artificial intelligence might be beneficial in most cases but they can be socially, militarily, and economically destabilizing as well. The NCSC stated that all of these sectors need to be additionally monitored in order to anticipate the movement path of the technologies and grasp their implications for security.

In the outreach, the Center initially issued a warning that China’s goals are to achieve a leadership position in various technological fields by the year 2030.

The officials from the NCSC said that China is the primary competitor to the US due to the fact that it has a comprehensive strategy for using and acquiring technology aimed at advancing its national goals.

NCSC issued a warning that China uses its Military-Civil Fusion policy, and the National Intelligence law, to gather intelligence as these two instances require every entity in China to share its technology breakthroughs and data with the Chinese military, security services, and intelligence.

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