Document Leak Reveals Nations Lobbying to Change Key Climate Report

Photo credit: Daily Beast

A new document leak shows countries are attempting to alter a new report on tackling climate change, hoping to downplay the urgency. 

Some producers of coal, oil and beef products are trying to make edits to a UN climate change report. The report comes days before the beginning of the UN Climate Summit, also known as COP26, where world leaders will come together to discuss how to cut greenhouse gas emissions. 

The leak revealed that countries are pushing back on UN recommendations for climate action. The leak consisted of more than 32,000 submissions made by governments, companies, and other parties with interest. The submissions went to the team of scientists who compile the UN report about climate change, and how best to tackle it. 

The news comes amid even more reports on the impact of climate change, and how it might be even worse than previously imagined.

Annual reports commissioned by the medical journal Lancet researched and tracked 44 health indicators that are connected to climate change. This included infectious diseases, hunger, and death from heat. All of them are getting worse. 

The reports show that rising temperatures have a human consequence. 

Two reports released, one for the world as a whole, and one aimed specifically at the United States, labeled the status for a healthy future as “code red.” Experts have said that code red isn’t even hot enough a color for the report — that’s how bad it is. 

The rise in temperature is extremely worrying for vulnerable populations, including older people and the very young, who are subject to more extreme heat exposure than the year previous. More people are also being exposed to climate diseases, including Vibrio and malaria. 

The report said that the biggest problems in the U.S. are heat, fire and drought, which are wreaking havoc on the climate, homes, and people.

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