US Base in Syria Hit With Rocket Fire and Drone Strikes

A US and Western coalition military base in the Syrian border town of Al Tanf came under rocket fire on Wednesday, the Al Mayadeen TV channel reported, citing eyewitnesses.

According to the news channel, several explosions were heard in the area where the base was located at the junction of the borders of Syria, Iraq, and Jordan.

Details on the losses among the military personnel and the material damage of information are not given. A spokesman for the US military command in Baghdad confirmed the fact of rocket fire at the base in Al-Tanf. According to him, the strikes were also inflicted by unmanned aerial vehicles. At least five drones were involved in the attack.

On October 14, the Israeli Air Force attacked the T-4 military airfield located southeast of Palmyra (240 km from Damascus). According to the Al Hadath TV channel, the Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle base located there was hit. The fighters of the Shiite detachments stationed on it, who are fighting on the side of the Syrian troops, suffered losses.

On October 8, six Syrian soldiers and 12 Shiite militias were injured while repelling an Israeli air force attack on the T-4 airfield. A military source told SANA that the strikes came from the Al-Tanf border area at the junction of the borders of Syria, Iraq, and Jordan.

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