UK Confirms Missile Deliveries to Ukraine

In a report by The Times about the negotiations between the UK and Ukraine on the Brimstone missiles, the Kingdom’s Defense Ministry said that the deal on missile deliveries had been concluded in June 2021.

The British Ministry of Defense said that the deal was made public this summer, but then the names of the companies were not indicated.

The Times, citing a Ukrainian source, reported that London is discussing arms sales with Kiev. This includes Brimstone, developed by the MDBA consortium, for installation on ships and for use from the air.

The publication emphasizes that this is a high-tech homing missile that can hit multiple targets at once. “We ask you to read our press release regarding this deal, the details of which were made public in June this year,” the press service of the UK Defense Department, said.

Commenting on whether the material of The Times refers specifically to this agreement and no new ones are being discussed, the ministry said that this is the case at the moment.

In June, the defense ministries of the two countries signed a memorandum on the implementation of support for building up the naval potential of Ukraine. The signing of the agreement happened on the Royal Navy destroyer Defender, which was stationed in the Black Sea port of Odessa at that time.

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