Iranian Authorities Return to Nuclear Program Negotiations in Brussels

The meeting, according to the Iranian side, will be held with the participation of the permanent members of the UN Security Council, Great Britain, China, France, and Russia, together with Germany.

Earlier this week, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, did not rule out the possibility of negotiations with Iran, but, according to him, it is rather about preliminary consultations, which could then lead to the resumption of a full-fledged dialogue.

This year, Iran and several world powers have already held six meetings in Vienna to re-establish a joint action plan. Later, the negotiations were paused until a new president of the republic was elected.

Ibrahim Raisi, the current head of the Islamic republic, previously said that the country would be ready for negotiations only if the United States lifted anti-Iranian sanctions.

Several years ago, Tehran and the six countries entered into an agreement that limited the development of Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for US’ step-by-step lifting of sanctions. However, former US President Donald Trump unilaterally violated the agreement.

According to experts, this prompted Iran to refuse to comply with the conditions. The parties to the agreement have also said that they plan to hold separate meetings with the US side with the aim of returning the United States to the framework of the treaty.

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