GOP Senators Blast Biden for Crisis on Southern Border

Three GOP senators and several witnesses accused US President Joe Biden of the southwestern border crisis, at a round table on Wednesday, Fox News informed.

The border security round table gathered the republicans from the Senate’s HSGAC (Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee) and several former officials from the Department of Homeland Security.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson asked why there were there at the start of the event, noting that Senator Peters would not hold a hearing.

The same committee, headed by Democratic Senator Gary Peters from Michigan, in May held a full hearing that covered the issue of unaccompanied children at the southwestern border. The subcommittees, on the other hand, held hearings in April and June in order to address the border security issue.

The office of senator Peters was not available for comment on Wednesday.

Republican Senator Rick Scott from Florida and HSGAC Ranking Member Senator Rob Portman from Ohio were presiding over the round table on Wednesday as well. Mark Morgan, the Border Protection Acting Commissioner, and Tom Homan, the former Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director, were among the witnesses.

Both Homan and Morgan said that the Biden administration has failed to properly secure the southern border and has also taken some action that even worsened the situation.

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