Countries Ask UN to Reduce Importance of Ditching Fossil Fuels to Combat Climate Change

Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Australia have asked the United Nations (UN) not to focus on the need to quickly phase out fossil fuels to combat global warming.

In their messages to the UN, representatives of these countries criticize the scientific report on how to deal with climate change, which is regularly prepared by experts of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) at the UN.

More than 32,000 documents were received by Greenpeace UK investigative reporters and passed on to BBC News. In particular, an adviser to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Petroleum demands that “phrases such as ‘the need for urgent and accelerated action to mitigate the consequences at all levels …’ be excluded from the report.

A senior Australian government official rejects the conclusion that coal-fired power plants need to be closed. At the same time, Saudi Arabia is one of the largest oil producers in the world, and Australia is a major exporter of coal.

Brazil and Argentina, the two largest producers of beef and animal feed in the world, strongly oppose the evidence in the draft report that reducing meat consumption is necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, rich countries are not willing to share their money with the poor. Switzerland’s representatives argue that financing undeveloped states should not become the only tool in their fight against global warming. Eastern European countries believe the report should be more positive about the role of nuclear power, the news outlet noted.

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