Biden’s Aide, Crown Prince Discussed Saudi Arabia’s Relationship with Israel

Jake Sullivan, Assistant to US President Joe Biden for National Security and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman last month discussed normalizing the Kingdom’s relations with Israel, Axiom reported.

In late September, Sullivan visited the Saudi city of Neom on the shores of the Red Sea. During the talks, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman did not immediately abandon the idea of ​​normalizing relations between his country and Israel.

Riyadh indicated that the implementation of such an initiative requires time and some preliminary steps, a list of which was provided to the US side.

Some of these points are related to the improvement in relations between the US and Saudi Arabia regarding the general human rights situation in the Kingdom, Axios notes.

Earlier, following talks between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, the Israeli side announced that “at least one more country will sign the Abrahamic Accords next year, a document on the normalization of relations with the Jewish state.”

A White House spokesman said last week that the US maintains “undisclosed” contacts with Arab and Muslim countries that might be ready to establish diplomatic ties with the Israeli side.

If Saudi Arabia signs the Abrahamic Accords, other Arab and Muslim countries that have supported the Palestinian side in the Israeli-Palestinian and Arab-Israeli conflicts could follow suit, Axios suggests.

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