Arizona’s Ducey to Legally Challenge New Vaccine Mandate

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Tucson’s city council held a vote to let go of city employees who are refusing to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, Fox News informed.

Governor Doug Ducey has condemned the move describing it as unfathomable suggesting that he will legally challenge this.

Tucson’s city council has voted on Tuesday 4-3 to accept a mandate that all employees in the city council should receive Covid-19 vaccines or risk losing their jobs by December 1, according to reports by Associated Press. About 300 employees out of the total 4,000 have not yet taken the vaccine and are refusing to do so as of last week.

Ducey condemned the policy saying that the issue was already discussed by the state legislature which believes that residents of Arizona need to get their beliefs protected from such overreaching policies.

The governor sent a letter to Mike Rankin, the Tucson City Attorney, claiming that the law in Arizona mandates all the employers to offer reasonable accommodation if a worker has stated that they have not received the Covid-19 vaccines due to sincere religious beliefs.

Ducey also stated that reports did not mention that the vaccine mandate from Tucson includes such type of accommodation and issued a warning that the legal requirement for it is still in force, although parts of the legislation that banned vaccine mandates were deemed as unconstitutional and struck down.

The governor reminded that he took an oath to uphold the laws in Arizona and said that his office has already notified Tucson city that their mandate is in direct conflict the current law, and should be revoked.

Ducey also ended his speech by incentivizing all the people to take the vaccines against the Covid-19, saying it is the best way for everyone to stay safe.

Numerous GOP governors have prohibited mask and vaccine mandates citing personal choice, but some of them have made a suggestion that local officials are the ones who should make these decisions and not the leaders of the states.

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