Facebook to Pay $336,000 for Failing to Delete Banned Content in Russia

After Facebook did not take advantage of the postponement granted by the Russian courts and did not pay the fine for refusing to delete the content considered illegal in Russia, the Russian Federal Bailiffs Service (FSSP) began on Monday the procedure of enforced collection of about $336,000 in fines, Russian media reports.

Russia’s media watchdog Roskomnadzor announced at the end of September that Facebook was facing a fine in the amount of a tenth of its revenue in Russia that could be about 8-12 billion rubles, according to Finam analyst Leonid Delitsyn, since the company does not disclose its revenues by country.

In accordance with Moscow’s Tagansky Court ruling in May, 8 enforcement proceedings against Facebook were opened on October 8 to a total sum of 26 million rubles after the court found Facebook guilty of failure to remove content prohibited by Russian law, without specifying what kind of content is being discussed.

Russia’s media watchdog has been drawing up administrative protocols since February in relation to social networks and instant messengers that failed to remove calls to participate in unauthorized rallies, in particular calls to minors.

Though Russian courts have repeatedly, since the beginning of the year, fined large Internet companies including Twitter, Facebook, Google and TikTok, the fines so far have amounted to no more than 20 million rubles.

They were fined either for non-deletion of prohibited information (Article 13.41 of the Administrative Code), or for storing data of Russian users abroad (Article 13.11 of the Administrative Code).

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