Pentagon Says Interaction Between USS Chafee and Russian Navy Was Safe

The Pentagon believes that the interaction in the Sea of ​​Japan between the US Navy destroyer Chafee and the large anti-submarine ship (BOD) of the Pacific Fleet “Admiral Tributes” was safe and professional, Fox News said, citing a source in the Defense Department.

“The interaction is safe and professional,” the Pentagon said. On October 15, at about 17:00 local time, the US Navy destroyer Chafee approached the territorial waters of the Russian Federation and attempted to cross the state border.

In turn, the BOD “Admiral Tributs” did not allow the US Navy destroyer to violate the state border.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the actions of the crew of the destroyer Chafee were a flagrant violation of international rules for preventing collisions at sea and the Russian-American intergovernmental agreement on the prevention of incidents on the high seas and in the airspace above it.

On Friday evening, the Russian Defense Ministry summoned the American military attaché, who was pointed out to the unprofessional actions of the US sailors.

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