Former Pentagon Employee Claims China Won the Arms Race over the US

China has already defeated the US in an arms race using cyber capabilities, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI), former Pentagon software director Nicholas Chaillan told The Drive.

“We have no advantage in the fight against China in 15-20 years. It’s done right now. In my opinion, everything is already over,” the dismissed US Department of Defense official said, claiming that Beijing has already defeated Washington.

In his opinion, the US has overly focused on overly expensive technologies such as the fifth-generation fighter F-35 Lightning II and missed the opportunity to cooperate in the military sphere with large corporations, such as Google.

Chaillan is confident that in the field of innovation, China, unrestrained by bureaucracy and rules, is moving forward, while the US Department of Defense stagnates amid its mismanagement and rising procurement costs.

The publication notes that earlier Chaillan published a letter on the social network LinkedIn, in which he noted “a sharp advantage of China over the United States in population”, as well as the “fast-growing and hard-working population”, which leaves Americans no chance of competition, provided that they do not will become “smarter and more efficient”.

The Drive recalls that, as a Pentagon employee, Chaillan was involved in “reviewing current software and cloud migration plans to avoid vendor lockdown and enable rapid prototyping,” as well as finding “new commercially available off-the-shelf software and cloud technologies.”

In September 2020, Valerie Insinna, a journalist for the American edition of Defense News, spoke about a visit to the Combat Operations Center, created at the United States Naval Aviation Andrews Base, where she observed a simulated operation of the “revolutionary combat control system”, during which Washington’s response to the attack showed the country’s potential adversaries, including China.

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