WinRed Raises $146 Million for Republican Candidates in 3rd Quarter


WinRed, the GOP online platform for fundraising, has helped the Republican candidates to raise $146 million in the 3rd quarter of 2021, Fox News informed.

The news arrives as the midterm election and the opportunity for the GOP candidates to take back the Senate and House are very close.

According to the numbers that were primarily shared with Fox News, the total amount stands at $15 million more than the amount raised in the second quarter. Overall, the total sum raised on the WinRed platform in 2021 amounts to $401 million.

The President of WinRed Gerrit Lansing issued a statement saying that the platform proceeds to exceed any expectation and deliver some successful results on campaigns across the nation. He also stated that WinRed is properly directing the GOP on the path to collect more money than ever before.

The performance of WinRed in the 3rd quarter is still significantly lower than its Democratic counterpart ActBlue for the same period, but ActBlue is present much longer in this segment and still outraises its GOP competitor.

However, WinRed claims that it has raised about $2.5 billion for the GOP candidates since its launch in 2019, which took 14 years for ActBlue to secure that amount.

Both platforms charge a small fee from the donations directed to a campaign in order for the campaigns to use their platforms. But recently, the WinRed platform has made changes in the fee structure which are aimed to direct more money to the candidates.

According to the WinRed spokesperson, WinRed raised $23.8 million in the past three months for local and state campaigns, and also raised $60.5 million from donors that donated funds for the first time.

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