Chinese Whistleblower Exposes Uyghurs Tortured and Beaten to Death in Xinjiang

A former Chinese police officer exposed the brutal tactics used by police and guards against Uyghurs at detention centers in Xinjiang. 

The Chinese defector told Sky News about the brutal, inhumane conditions the Uyghur detainees were subjected to and the details of torture and death inside the re-education centers. The former police officer asked to only be identified as Jiang, for safety precautions. He served as a soldier before working as a detective in a local Public Security Bureau. 

The details Jiang exposed of the treatment Uyghurs suffer at the hands of the police and guards was appalling. 

The whistleblower shared gruesome details of the transportation of prisoners to the detention centers. While being transported by the hundreds, the Uyghur people are packed together in prison trains, with two people handcuffed together at a time and hoods on their heads. Two policemen are assigned to each prisoner. While on the prison freight train, the people are not given any food, and only mere bottle caps are allowed to be used for drinking water. They’re also prohibited from using the bathroom. The journey length is a grueling two days. 

Jiang also testified about the brutal tactics used within the camps by the guards and police. He said that you are allowed to beat people in cases that involve “overthrowing the regime,” and that brutality is okay to make them turn in other peoples’ names. 

“You use various methods to put pressure; two people use sticks to weigh down their legs; tie him up and trample their arm; shackle their hands, pour cold water – put a water pipe into their mouth and tie them up,” he added.

He said that beating someone to death happens at the camps as well, saying, “it’s normal that some people die.” 

At a press conference in Beijing, the Chinese government was asked directly about these allegations. A spokesperson for the government, Elijan Anayat, said that police act and handle crimes “in accordance with relevant PRC laws.” 

Anayat said the allegations that the prisoners are not allowed water or to go to the toilets were not true. 

However, Jiang’s testimony contradicts the government’s attempts to deny allegations against them. Evidence from people who worked for the Chinese state in Xinjiang is extremely rare, and extensive research was done into Jiang’s credentials to prove them credible. 

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