Whipping Incident Probe of Mayorkas Still Not Completed

Alejandro Mayorkas

The Homeland Security Department (DHS)’s probe into the incident with the Border patrol agents on horseback that occurred in September, is still not resolved, although the Biden administration assured that the matter would be dealt with in a matter of days, Fox News informed.

According to The Washington Examiner, a DHS spokesperson sent an email saying that the investigation is in progress and that the department is devoted to thoroughly, independently, and objectively examine the whole event, adding that they are also committed to transparency and will publish the results once the investigation is fully completed.

The investigation was initiated after photos that show horse patrol agents deterring immigrants from Haiti who are trying to illegally enter the US by crossing the river in Del Rio, Texas. Some news outlets and critics reported that the immigrants were being whipped, and some said that the images looked like they were taken in the slavery era.

However, later some of the media outlets have taken back their claims after it was made clear that the horse patrol agents used reins and not whips.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the DHS Secretary told Congress on September 22, that the probe into the incident would be completed within a matter of days.

US President Joe Biden on September 24 vowed that the agents involved in the incident will pay their price.

The president of NBPC (National Border Patrol Council) Brandon Judd voiced concern regarding the integrity of the probe, claiming in an interview for Fox News that investigators are now pressured to find fault in the incident.

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