State Department Says Meeting with Taliban in Doha Was Professional

On Sunday the US State Department stated that over the weekend it held meetings with the Taliban officials and that they were candid and professional, Fox News informed.

The news comes as the United States is trying to deal with the consequence of the horrible withdrawal of the military forces from Afghanistan.

Ned Price, the spokesman for the State Department released a readout about the meetings with the Taliban officials that were held in Doha, Qatar. The readout said that the delegation of the US’s main focus was the security and terrorism concerns, as well as the safe passage of American citizens and other foreigners. The talks were also focused on human rights, including the rights of women to participate in all aspects of the society of Afghanistan.

Price also said that the officials also talked about the US provisions of huge humanitarian aid, aimed at Afghan people. The talks were professional however, US officials reassured that the Taliban will be judged according to their actions and not words.

The Biden administration did not use this kind of language for the first time to describe the Taliban after the US was forced to evacuate the embassy in Kabul. Emily Horne, spokeswoman of the National Security Council issued a statement last month saying that they were cooperative in the way of letting US citizens flee Afghanistan. Horne also said that they were flexible and professional in the dealings.

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