Report Claims that Daugther of Newsom Have Not Received Vaccine, Despite Mandate

Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California signed a requirement last week which says that all students that are eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine, must take the jab, although his own daughter still hasn’t received one, Fox News informed.

Newsom made the announcement on October 1, saying that all the teachers and students must get a Covid-19 vaccine until January 2022 – which is the first state mandate in the US. The requirement covers some exemptions that also include one that is based on personal opinions. However, Newsom did not clarify under which criteria these exemptions will be applied.

Newsom, though, revealed that his daughter who is 12, still hasn’t received her Covid-19 vaccine.

The spokesperson for Newsom, Erin Melon, said that due to the fact that the governor’s daughter recently turned 12 she will get vaccinated in the next period.

According to Newsom’s Twitter account, his daughter turned 12 on September 19. The CDC and the FDA revealed that the vaccine is safe for children between 12 and 15 years.

Newsom has previously told the Times that his daughter needed to receive other vaccines before getting the Covid-19 one.

The CDC states that at the ages 11 to 12 children should receive one dose of the meningococcal vaccine, two doses of the HPV vaccine, one dose of the Tdap vaccine, and a Flu shot. According to recent data, the Covid-19 vaccine is safe to be received at the same time when the other vaccines.

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