Kamala Harris Ridiculed about Overenthusiasm in NASA Children’s Video

Kamala Harris
Image credit: EPA

Kamala Harris, US Vice President was mocked on social media after she appeared in a NASA video for children while the Biden approval rating proceed to decrease, Fox News informed.

The Vice President who is also head of the National Space Council, conversed with children about her fixation with the craters on the moon, in a video on YouTube from NASA which honors World Space Week.

The video shows the Vice President welcoming the children at her Washington DC residence, where the US Naval Observatory is, and giving them advice about life.

Harris in the video told the kids that they should never let anyone tell them who they are, or suggest who they think they should be.

The Vice President also spoke about her passion for the science segment and the exploration of the unknown and told them what they should expect from the observatory visit.

She then told the kids that they will see the craters of the moon with their own eyes and that the view is going to be unbelievable.

Harris visited the observatory with the children and despite speaking about the craters with amazement, she also told the kids that they should always dream with ambition and have big dreams.

The Vice President’s enthusiasm and animation about the visit to the observatory were ridiculed among some conservative figures online.

The footage comes after a very tough few weeks for Biden and his administration. The rating of the Biden administration is now at an all-time low since Biden became US President and stands at 38%. This is due to issues like, battles among Democratic lines, low job numbers, stalling two major bills in the US Congress, the debacle with the withdrawal of the military forces from Afghanistan, and the southern border crisis that is constantly escalating.

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