Hunter Biden Artwork Sold for $75,000 for One Piece

Hunter Biden

The artwork of Hunter Biden, the son of the US President Joe Biden, was reportedly sold for $75,000 for one piece, even before the official art show in NYC was opened, Fox News informed.

At least 5 pieces of artwork were sold, and the lawyers have initiated the process of looking for potential patrons who are planning to be part of the show in New York City.

The identities of those that purchased the artwork are unknown, and there is still no information whether more artwork pieces were sold after the presentation, according to The New York Post.

According to one source that is familiar with the sale process, most of the buyers that were allowed to purchase an art piece were long-term and private collectors with the gallery.

The process of the sale of Hunter Biden’s art pieces rose numerous questions in terms of ethics for the White House. White House officials in July, reached an agreement that regulates that all the artwork purchases will remain confidential, including from the artist. However, Hunter Biden attended the event in Los Angeles, despite the fact that the White House argued that he will not be aware of who the buyers of his art pieces were.

George Berges, the owner of the New York gallery, has agreed to dismiss any offer that he will find suspicious or that will be with a much higher price than the asking. A team of lawyers has started inspecting any person that plans to be part of the Soho gallery exhibition, although it is unknown who hired the lawyers.

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