Ocasio-Cortez, Omar Pressure Biden to Cancel Student Debt

Democratic Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York and Ilhan Omar from Minnesota, both members of the Squad, are heading the progressive movement set to crank up the pressure on US President Joe Biden for releasing a memo that explores his possible authorization to cancel student debt unilaterally, Fox News informed.

Omar was leading the letter penned to Joe Biden and Miguel Cardona, the Education Secretary, which calls for releasing the memo Cardona sent to Biden which covers the issue of canceling student debt by October 22.

Omar took to Twitter saying that President Biden has the power to cancel the student debt. She also called for the memo to be released and the debt to be canceled.

Omar pointed to the statement of Ron Klein, the chief of staff of the White House who said that the memo would be published in a week’s time, and she argued that months have passed since then and that now is the time for that memo to be released.

The letter also called Biden to honor his campaign vows and use the authority to cancel the student debt.

The group of progressives argued that the sole existence of this student debt is practically a failure in policy-making.

The letter concludes that cancellation of the debt is a moral obligation, and will be an economically sound move.

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