Biden Assesses that Executive Privilege on Trump Documents Regarding Jan. 6 is Not Warranted

Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, said on Friday the US President Biden is acting upon the requests from the Jan. 6th Select Committee to probe former President Trump’s activities on the same day, Fox News informed.

Psaki concluded that the executive privilege for the documents that are turned over is not warranted.

Psaki was asked whether the White House will give authorization to the National Archives to hand over documents related to Jan. 6 events, and she said that the Biden administration takes these events extremely seriously.

Psaki also said that the day was an existential crisis and served as a test if US democracy could endure.

Amid growing rumors that Donald Trump will face Biden in the 2024 Presidential elections, Psaki rejected the claims that the denial of privilege was a political move.

The Press Secretary argued that there is nothing political if you are working towards resolving the Jan. 6 events and ensuring that the violence will not happen again.

Psaki also said that Biden assessed that an executive privilege for the first documents from the White House provided by the National archives was not warranted.

She also mentioned that this is a process that will last and that these are only the first sets of documents.

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