Suspicious SUV Outside Supreme Court Investigated by the Capitol Police

The US Capitol Police urged Tuesday morning people to keep away from the area around the US Supreme Court after they initiated an investigation into a suspicious vehicle, an SUV, on the street in front of the court, Reuters reports.

A number of road closures has also announced in the area in question – that has increasingly been the scene of attacks and threats- near the Supreme Court building, where the nine justices began Monday their new term with their first in person oral arguments in 19 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a later tweet, the police said it had ‘extracted’ a man from the SUV and placed him in custody.

Though there were no disruptions to operations at the Supreme Court, its building remained closed to the public.

The Capitol Police that has been on high alert since a deadly Jan. 6 riot, added they’ll continue to investigate the matter and will provide more information as soon as they can.

They arrested last month a man near the DNC headquarters in Washington that had a bayonet and machete in a truck bearing white supremacist symbols.  After a standoff that paralyzed a swath of Washington for more than five hours in August, a man surrendered to police after claiming to have a bomb in a pickup truck near the US Capitol.

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