Hillary Clinton Calls the Republicans a Threat to US Democracy

While Republicans’ hopes of winning elections endanger democracy itself, the real problem for the United States is actually their constant conspiracy-mongering, Hillary Clinton claims in an interview for the Atlantic published last week.

The former first lady and failed presidential candidate has struggled to remain in the political limelight after losing with a landslide to Donald Trump 2016 presidential election though bring the favorite of the corporate media.

Hillary had no problem offering her take on the current political situation in the US although it happens in a time when a partner in the law firm representing her campaign is indicted by a special counsel for one of the ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy theories.

According to Clinton, her 1990s claim about a vast right-wing conspiracy was not only confirmed, but went from bad to worse since than with social media and Republicans exploiting the fear and suspicion in their effort to permanently seize political power.

In Clinton’s telling, the US finds itself in an existential crisis in lots of ways since Republicans plan to win the presidency again, whether or not they win the popular vote and the Electoral College, as well as taking back the Senate and the House.

According to her, anyone who doesn’t think that’s the most important issue facing the US democracy is really not paying attention since being  in the middle of a constitutional crisis and minority rule will be what Americans will live under, the norm.

Clinton draws a direct line from her 1990s claim to Trump and his “enablers” creating the cauldron of conspiracy and hatred that resulted with the US Capitol riot in January 6, which was described by the majority of US mainstream media as “insurrection against the US democracy”.

US media have also sided with the Democrats in denounced lawmakers in Republican states seeking to pass voting laws calling them voter suppression.

Clinton praised President Biden’s vaccine mandates pointing threats work since they make the choice real by cutting through social media conspiracy chatter and urged fellow Democrats to get rid of the Senate filibuster claiming the GOP is a political party that respect neither the rule of law nor the process unless it works for them.

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