UK Sends In Military To Help Solve Fuel Crisis

Members of the British military have been deployed to help deliver fuel in the UK. 

Approximately 200 military personnel were sent out today, most of which to the greater London area and the South East, areas that have seen the worst of the crisis. The troops had been on standby since last week. The military personnel completed their training over the weekend. 

A lorry driver shortage persists across the United Kingdom has been part of the ongoing gas crisis the country is facing. Supply chains in Britain for everything from fuel to meat to medicine to dairy has become strained to a point of breaking, due to a combination of Brexit and Covid. 

A shortage of truckers led to a mass panic buy-in god fuel, triggering chaos across the country at gas stations. Lines stretching miles-long have become continuous sights at fuel stops. 

Some stations have even run out of gas completely. The Petrol Retailers Association estimates that 22 percent of fuel stations in London and the southeast of the country were still empty. The association expect it will take another week for stocks to be replenished. 

While UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not want to admit the fuel shortage has anything to do with Brexit, he has made comments otherwise. On Sunday, Johnson said he would not return to “uncontrolled immigration” to solve fuel, gas and food crises — comments suggesting that the strains were indeed part of a post-Brexit reality.

Other British ministers have also denied the fuel crisis’s relation to Brexit, insisting that a shortage of drivers is a global or European problem, but European countries have begged to differ, and have shown that they are not experiencing this whatsoever. 

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