Botox and Fillers Banned for Under-18s in England

Cosmetic Botox has been banned in England for under-18 year olds. 

The new Botulinum Toxin and Cosmetic Fillers (Children) Act came into law on Friday. It makes it illegal to administer botox or dermal lip fillers, or to book appointments for those under 18. Those who break the law could risk criminal prosecution and an “unlimited fine.” 

Those visiting from outside of England also must abide by the law. There are also no exceptions for those who have permission of someone over the age of 18. 

Medical practitioners can prescribe the treatments if there is a medical, clinical need, and it must be then carried out by a licensed professional. 

The new law was announced last month by Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries, who is the former health minister, following a surge of young people trying to book the procedures and achieve an “Instagram face.” 

Dorries said the law is necessary because no child needs cosmetic procedures, unless it’s for a medical purpose. 

MPs have recently called out the “complete absence” of regulation of treatments such as Botox, saying that it is putting the public at risk. The completely unregulated aesthetics industry leaves consumers at risks, an all-party parliamentary group on being, aesthetics and wellbeing found. 

The Botox Act also comes following scathing reports that Instagram is bad for the mental wellbeing of teenagers, especially teenage girls. 

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