Taliban to Protect Afghan Borders with Suicide Bombers

An exclusive battalion of suicide bombers will be deployed by the radical Taliban to protect the Afghanistan borders with China and Takjikistan, particularly in the Badakhshan province, Badakhshan Province deputy governor Mullah Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi says as cited by Khaama News Agncy.

The radical Taliban movement’s special suicide battalion named Lashkar-e Mansuri (Mansoor army) consists of suicide bombers that took part in terror attacks against the ousted government’s forces and members of the US-led international coalition.

Ahmadi stressed that without this battalion whose ’brave warriors are wearing special explosive belts’ used to blow up US bases in Afghanistan, defeating the United States would have been impossible.

Meanwhile, the Taliban also continue fighting their ISIS-K enemies nested in their ‘safe city’ Charikar in the northern Parwan province, killing and arresting a number of the group’s fighters during the raid on Friday.

Taliban spokesperson Bilal Karimi confirmed the raid and said that ISIS-K fighters, believed to be the biggest threat to the Taliban in Afghanistan, were arrested after Taliban members in the province have been targeted on the province as well as in Kapisa province, where gunmen targeted and killed at least five members of the Taliban.

Taliban embarked on a large-scale operation to take Afghanistan under its control since the US announced its troops’ pullout from the country, sweeping into Kabul on August 15 without encountering any resistance, after which Afghan President Ashraf Ghani stepped down and escaped abroad.

By September 6, the Taliban had secured full control over the entire territory of Afghanistan and the next day announced their new, all-male Afghan government whose legitimacy so far hasn’t been recognized by any country.

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