CDC Urges Pregnant Women to Get Vaccinated

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an urgent recommendation for pregnant women to get their Covid vaccines. 

Pregnant people with symptomatic Covid cases have been proven to have a higher risk of admission into intensive care, and a whopping 70 percent increased risk of death. 

At the moment, only 31 percent of pregnant people have been vaccinated. In total through September 27, more than 125,000 pregnant people had confirmed cases of Covid. More than 22,000 were hospitalized, and more than 160 have died. 

In August alone, 22 pregnant women died from Covid. Data from hospitals show that approximately 97 percent of pregnant people hospitalized with confirmed Covid were unvaccinated. 

The CDC is now saying that the benefits of the vaccination outweigh the potential risks. Without the vaccine, pregnant people and their unborn babies are more at risk if they are to contract Covid. 

The agency has also emphasized that the risk is not just to the mother, but also to the unborn baby, because Covid can cause premature birth or very sick babies. 

This latest messaging follows data shared indicating there was no increased risk of miscarriage after receiving Covid vaccinations. 

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