City Council in Portland Approves Report that Equates Tear Gas as Chemical Weapon

The City Council of Portland has voted on Wednesday to approve a police report that says that the tear gas used for controlling protesters is a “chemical weapon”, urging the Police forces not to wear protective clothing when they confront demonstrators, Fox News informed.

The report was compiled by the Crowd Control and Use of Force workgroup of the Citizen Review Committee and recommends that Police Bureau in Portland needs to make a permanent ban on using CS gas by PPB, but also recommends that this ban should cover other chemical weapons which are used for management of big crowds.

Due to the emergence of violent protests in 2020, police officers had to deploy CS, a tear gas that is commonly used, in order to disperse the crowds and keep order.

After these instances, the Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler imposed a ban on the use of tear gas by the police forces.

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