Gavin Newsom Signs Legislation to Replace the Word ‘Alien’ with ‘Immigrant’, ‘Noncitizen’

Governor of California Gavin Newsom signed Democrat-backed legislation on Friday that is aimed at removing the term alien as a description for migrants in the legal code of the state, Fox News informed.

The legislation, which was introduced by Luz Rivas, aims to remove the term “alien” and replace it word like “immigrant” and “noncitizen” throughout the state law. The former term “alien” was put in use in 1937 in California, and was used by the federal government since 1798.

Newsom stated that California as the most diverse state in the US, is much stronger and vibrant due to its migrant communities, adding that the term alien is not only offensive, but it has also sparked a hurtful and divisive narrative.

Newsom also stated that the change is set to reflect the state values.

The term “alien” has also been dubbed as dehumanizing and outdated by immigration activists.

The State of California is home of the largest population of undocumented migrants in the US.

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