Boris Johnson Speaks on Climate Change at UNGA

UK prime minister Boris Johnson gave a speech at the UN General Assembly urging leaders to take climate change seriously. 

Johnson said that the upcoming climate summit, to be held in 40 days, will be the turning point for humanity. The UK will be the host of the COP26 summit in Glasgow. 

The British leader of armed or rising global temperatures, called on the international community to commit to major changes in order to curb even higher temperatures. He outlines the four areas that need focus: coal, cars, cash and trees. 

Johnson said how crucial it was for the world to listen to scientists. 

He told leaders Wednesday that humanity needed to “grow up.” The frank language pressed governments to come together for harsher emissions-cutting targets, as well as higher promises for finances to poorer countries to help clean up their economies. 

Johnson aims to urge more compromise to commit to climate financing in order to meet the $100 billion target set more than a decade ago, especially in the run-up to the UK-hosted climate summit. With only a few weeks until said summit, the pressure is on for countries to bring climate financing to the table. 

President Joe Biden committed to double climate financing, bringing it to $11.2 billion. He plans to attend the summit in person. Meanwhile the other biggest country in focus, China, also promised to halt the funding of coal-financed power stations abroad. It is unclear whether Chinese President Xi Jiping will attend the climate summit. 

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