US House Approves Major Defense Policy Bill

On Thursday, the US House of Representatives approved the draft defense budget for the next fiscal year (starting in the country on October 1), worth $778 billion.

The initiative was supported by 316 lawmakers, while 113 opposed it. The budget includes several amendments related to Russia.

Previously, the administration of US President Joe Biden requested $753 billion from the Democratic-controlled Congress for defense needs. In the course of consultations, this amount was increased, and the defense budget for the current fiscal year is about $740 billion.

The approval of the defense budget by the House of Representatives does not automatically mean it will enter into force.

Its version of the draft defense budget, which differs from that adopted in the lower house, has yet to be approved by the US Senate.

After that, a commission will be convened to agree on the details of the two projects. Both chambers will again have to vote for the agreed document, after which it will be sent to the head of state for signature, in a process that can take up to several months.

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