President Biden to Get Vaccinated with Booster Shot after FDA, CDC Give Approval

US President Joe Biden, on Friday, stated that he is planning on getting the booster shot of the Pfizer/BioNtech Covid vaccine, after the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) and the head of CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) approves the 3rd dose for US citizens that are over 65, citizens who have underlying health conditions, and the first-line workers who have a higher risk of contracting the Covid-19, Fox News informed.

Biden from the White House claimed that scientists and doctors, after the completion of the scientific review, have believed booster shots will offer high levels of protection against the Covid-19.

The US President also mentioned that the group of Americans eligible for receiving the booster shot covers nearly 60 million US citizens.

The president also said that the medical officials and scientists issued recommendations that the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine needs to be administered only to those have received their second one 6 months ago.

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