No Response Yet on AUKUS Deal from the EC, Dombrovskis Says

Though the EU has already voiced its support for France and disappointment at how the defence partnership between Australia, the UK and the United States was handled, the European Commission has not yet made any decisions on the issue despite discussing its implications, EC Executive Vice-President informed.

Speaking at the briefing following the EC College meeting, Valdis Dombrovskis he noted that no operational decisions were taken and that the EU believes the allies should discuss important topics with each other before making decisions.

The decision of Australia to unilaterally terminate the submarine contract with France in favour of a contract within AUKUS has sparked tensions between France and the pact signatories, after which Paris has recalled its ambassadors.

In addition, France tried to convince Brussels to delay the EU-US Trade and Technology Council in Pittsburgh scheduled this month to discuss trade and investment opportunities, cooperation in technology, digital issues and supply chains, but Dombrovskis said that the fate of the meeting was still up in the air while Brussels is weighing whether to cancel or postpone the event.

The EU has so far responded by expressing regret that AUKUS excluded EU countries, also saying it may review its partnership with the US in light of recent events.

France had bit more luck within NATO since, at the initiative of Germany, the partners in the alliance have agreed to revise the strategic concept of the alliance.

Meanwhile, Denmark broke the ranks and blasted the EU for siding with France in its diplomatic spat over AUKUS, defending at the same time US President Joe Biden as “very loyal” to Europe despite enabling  the new military pact.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said she doesn’t understand he criticism emerging out of Paris and Brussels, stressing they should not turn concrete challenges into something they should not be since they’ll always exist between allies.

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