Conflict Arises between US, Kosovo Regarding the Gas Pipeline Project Prishtina Refused

Tension arose in United State’s relations with Kosovo after the government in Prishtina has refused US project on natural gas supply, Euractiv reports, quoting Kosovo Economy Minister as saying the government needs additional time to decide on building the infrastructure for the distribution of US natural gas.

Minister Artane Rizvanolli pointed there are some issues in need of additional clarification, such as finances, the overall cost of the project and the building of the power plant though  Gazeta Express has learned that conditions set out by Kosovo PM Albin Kurti are impossible to meet.

Biden Administration included Kosovo in the 2021 budget of the federal agency Millenium Challenge Corporation pledging investment of $200 million to build the gas pipeline that goes through North Macedonia and Greece and connects with the existing Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) or other sources.

MCC, that has arranged the project, is an innovative and independent US foreign assistance agency fighting against global poverty, as stated on its website.

The US Embassy in Pristina has confirmed via its spokesman that the US will continue discussions regarding the project with the Kosovo government, noting that most of the funding for the MCC suggested project would come from EBRD and the Western Balkans Investment Framework.

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