Chinese Foreign Minister Says the US Must Assume Responsibility for Afghanistan’s Reconstruction

After entailing new problems in Afghanistan with the hasty pullout of its troops, the United States and its allies, more than than any other country have a duty to supply economic and humanitarian aid to the country, China’s foreign minister said on the sidelines of the SCO and CSTO summits in Dushanbe

Speaking at a four-party meeting with his Russian, Iranian and Pakistani counterparts, China’s Wang Yi stressed that the US should assume the responsibility for the reconstruction of Afghanistan and should provide economic and humanitarian assistance to it while respecting its sovereignty and independence.

The meeting was also attended by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the Assistant to Iranian Foreign Minister Seyed Rasoul Mousavi and Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

According to Wang, who is also China’s state councillor, the US must comply with the assumed commitments within the chaotic situation in Afghanistan, where the new political structure had not taken shape yet increasing the risks of local ethnic and religious conflicts and making the well-being of the population and the development prospects uncertain.

Wang also said that China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan must pool efforts with other similar thinking countries to persuade the US to learn the lesson.

During the informal four-party meeting Wang attended, senior officials of the four countries have agreed to step up communication and coordination on the Afghan issue and to play a constructive role in stabilizing Afghanistan.

Stressing the countries in the region expect the new Afghan government to be inclusive, anti-terrorist, and friendly, Wang proposed contacting and guiding the government to form an inclusive political structure and to help Afghanistan to integrate into regional economic cooperation and connectivity networks.

Wang informed that China would provide $31 million worth of grain, winter supplies, vaccines and medicine to Afghanistan and will donate an initial batch of 3 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to the Afghan people.

He noted noting that almost half of the Afghanistan’s population lives below the poverty line with 14 million people facing a food crisis.

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