Two More Shipments of Fake COVID Vaccination Cards from China Seized in Pittsburgh

Two international parcels of fake COVID vaccination cards shipped from China were seized in the last two weeks by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers in Pittsburgh, Fox News reports.

CBP seized the first parcel of 20 cards with low-quality appearance on August 24 and determined it was shipped to an individual in Beaver County, Pa., who is not a certified medical entity nor represents the CDC.

That individual, whose identity was not released, was also the recipient of the second parcel of 50 fake COVID vaccination cards officers intercepted on September 7.

William Fitting, CBP’s port director in Pittsburgh, stressed that unscrupulous vendors who peddle counterfeit COVID vaccination cards pose as serious health and safety threat to American citizens as coronavirus and its variants.

Releasing no additional details, he noted the investigation is ongoing and pointed that the agency will continue to intercept counterfeit goods that threaten US nation, people and economy.

Meanwhile, the FBI has warned the public that anyone that buys, sells, or uses a counterfeit COVID vaccination cards, endangering and placing others at risk, is braking the US laws and could face a hefty fine or up to five years in prison.

After more than 3,000 fake vaccination cards from China were seized earlier this year in Tennessee, roughly the same amount was confiscated from cargo facilities at Anchorage airport last month.

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