US Capitol Police Arrests California Man with Knives Near DNC Headquarters

The US Capitol Police arrested early Monday Donald Craighead, 44, of Oceanside, California, for possession of prohibited weapons after discovering multiple knives in his truck near the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, The Washington Post reports.

DNC headquarters borders the US Capitol complex.

Craighead’s Dodge Dakota truck marked with white swastika and supremacist symbols police has caught the attention of a Capitol Police officer on patrol, who noticed a bayonet and a machete – which are illegal in the District – inside of it when he pulled it since it had no license plate.

Where the plate should have been, a picture of an American flag was placed.

After the arrest, Craighead claimed he was on patrol and began talking about the ideology of white supremacists that are part of the announced rally on Saturday planned by supporters of the people charged with taking part in the deadly Jan. 6 riot.

Yet, the Capitol Police wasn’t sure if Craighead was planning to attend the upcoming demonstrations near the US Capitol.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hinted last week that the US Capitol Police is planning to reinstall the protective fencing that surrounded the US Capitol concerned by the risk of potential clashes or unrest during the upcoming right-wing rally.

The temporary fencing is expected to be smaller this time and may not obstruct traffic and will be put up outside the inner perimeter of the Capitol building and the Supreme Court, but not around the nearby congressional office buildings.

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