China Blasts as Unacceptable the US Interference in the Internal Affairs of Russia

Noting that China considers the State Duma elections a major political event, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian stressed that Beijing supports Moscow’s stance that United States’ interference in Russia’s internal affairs is unacceptable, Russian media report.

Zhao said that China, speaking from a point of Russia’s strategic partner, believes that foreign forces must not meddle in State Duma elections since they’re Russia’s internal affair.

He gave the statement commenting on US Ambassador John Sullivan’s meeting with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov with regard to the violations committed by the US ahead of Russia’s elections.

China’s strong reproach of US comes in a time of strained relations among the two states that have degenerated considerably over the past five years during which they reignited the economic conflict involving trade, tariffs and technology transfers which escalated into a diplomatic conflict over issues like ‘freedom of navigation’ that US demonstrates in waters claimed by Beijing as well as the situation in Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

National Review reported last week of another verbal attack by China’s representative against the US launched by China’s recently-appointed ambassador to the US, Qin Gang, who has reportedly urged US authorities to ‘shut up’ if they can’t resolve diplomatically the spat between the two countries.

Qin reportedly said that late last month in a private Zoom meeting hosted by the New York-based nonprofit National Committee on US-China Relations, after Evan Medeiros, Obama-era advisor on China issues at the National Security Council, asked what measures the US and China could take to improve relations.

On top of that, Qin has previously asked Washington to stop deliberately exacerbating tensions between the two countries, blasting its leaders and policy thinkers for misjudgement in approaching the China-US competition as a new cold war.

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