U.S. Looks to Solar Power

The Biden administration is looking to increase the country’s use of solar power energy. 

In a report released Wednesday, Biden’s administration outlined how solar energy can help decarbonize the U.S. power grid and help achieve the goal of net zero emissions in the electricity sector by 2035.

The Solar Future Studies said the U.S. can get up to 40 percent of its electricity from solar energy by 2035.

Currently, about 60 percent of the US’s energy comes from fossil fuels, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Renewable energy in total makes up close to 20 percent, with solar power accounting for just over two percent of that. Now, the Biden administration is planning to increase solar power unto 40 percent by 2035, and 45 percent by 2050. 

The report outlines steps the U.S. should take to achieve the solar target by 2035, including installing 30 gigawatts per year of solar capacity between now and 2025, and 60 gigawatts a year between 2025 and 2030.

Also, the report calls for tools to expand transmission of solar energy, including storage, microgrids and forecasting. The Department of Energy said these tools will play a role in maintaining reliability and performance of a solar grid.

During August, the Interior Department announced it would begin the process of ensuring easier access to federal land for both solar and wind energy. 

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