Unvaccinated Americans to Face New Covid-19 Measures Biden’s to Announce

As cases and hospitalizations due to Covid-19 are increasing around the country, in large part as a result of the highly contagious Delta variant, unvaccinated Americans are facing new measures President Biden is expected to announce late afternoon on Thursday, The Hill reports.

Delta variant spread across the United States has pushed the country’s daily average caseload over 150,000 for the first time since late January, killing roughly 1,500 people a day and overwhelming hospitals.

Pointing to possible new steps in his administration’s COVID-19 response that already involves testing, mandates and school measures, the White House press secretary Jen Psaki told noted that that the new components – six steps the president’s announcing-  would affect people across the country and some will be related to ensuring kids’ protection in schools.

Biden stressed last week that his administration is looking for ways to also make safe for workers to return to the office and to get the virus under control so Americans can return to their normal lives, ” she added.

Asked if the new steps will affect the lives of the Americans, Psaki pointed that is depends on if they’re vaccinated or not.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Data shows that while about 27% of Americans age 12 and older have not received any with higher unvaccinated percentage in the hardest-hit states like Texas, where 42% of the citizens are not vaccinated, more than 1.3 million fully vaccinated Americans have received a booster shot approved by the federal officials for immunocompromised people.

Meanwhile, the head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Francis Collins, warned on Wednesday that the true number of Covi9-19 cases in the US last year could be five times higher than the official case count.

He noted that although sobering, the number of Covid-19 cases in the United States of over 20 million was also likely an underestimate since many cases went undetected due to limited testing and large number of infections went unreported due mild or no symptoms it produced.

Collins pointed to a recent Nature journal’s article that offers more comprehensive estimate, putting the number of infections by the end of 2020 at more than 100 million or just under a third of the US population of 328 million.

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