In Post-Hurricane New Jersey, Biden Speaks on Realities of Climate Change

President Biden spoke this week about the reality of climate change and called for action. The president traveled to New York and New Jersey to see the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida, which swept across the northeast and caused deadly flooding and catastrophic infrastructure damage. 

Experts have long warned that natural disasters will only become more common and more powerful as human-caused global warming continues. 

In remarks in New Jersey and New York, two of the states hit hardest by the storm, Biden said that for decades scientists have warned us that extreme weather would accompany climate change. 

“And we’re living through it now,” he said continuing that we are seeing in real-time what the country is going to look like, with every part of America being hit by different extreme weathers. 

Biden said that America does not have any more time to be inactive on combatting climate change. “We can’t turn it back very much, but we can prevent it from getting worse.”

Biden urged the country to listen to scientists, economists, and experts, who all say climate change is “code red.” He said that climate change poses a threat to not only our lives, but also to the economy. 

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