Ukrainian FM Asserts US Will Take Part in His Country’s Efforts to Stop ‘Russian Aggression’

US President Joe Biden has allegedly convinced his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky during their meeting in Washington that the United States will not leave Ukraine alone and allies in its efforts to curb the Russian aggression, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba claims.

Speaking in an interview with the ICTV channel on Monday, Kuleba underlined that US assurances from President Biden are a strategic guarantee which is sufficient to move forward, noting that Ukrainian diplomats are currently determining optimal formats for involving their US partners in resolving the armed conflict in the east of the country.

Saying that, in his opinion, all options remain open now, Kuleba noted that now is the time for ‘quiet’ diplomacy with regards to formats of US involvement in settling the Donbass conflict and that the US is already influencing this process., expressing hopes that Washington will help Ukraine win the war and return territories.

On top of that, Kuleba said that that all options remain open even when asked about the rejection of the idea for US to appoint a special representative for Ukraine.

He stressed that the fact of Washington’s support and the announcement of the US additionally allocating military aid to Ukraine by the end of the year is a signal for Russia who, according to him, is worried about everything that makes Ukraine stronger.

Speaking of timeframes, he said that the US-Ukraine Strategic Partnership Commission would convene this fall to discuss security and economic issues and that the issues of interaction with the US on this subject will be discussed soon after.

The diplomat added that when the Ukrainian part of the US-Ukraine Strategic Partnership Commission activated by the presidents of the two countries at the September 1 talks will.

Meanwhile, Kiev will continue talks on Donbass in the Minsk format with Ukrainian Deputy PM Alexei Reznikov, the acting head of Ukraine’s delegation to the Contact Group on settling the Donbass conflict stressing that any talks as an opportunity for communication should be preserved.

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