New Poll Shows Afghanistan Fallout Brings Down Biden’s Approval Rating to 43%

In the aftermath of the hastened US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan and the evacuation efforts that followed before the August 31 deadlne, the approval rating of President Joe Biden dropped to 43%, down 6 points below NPR’s August poll, the NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll’s results released Thursday showed.

Biden’s latest approval rating- largely driven by softening support – shows 85 percent of Democrats and 36 percent of the independents approve of the job Biden is doing, compared to 55% and 13% accordingly who disapprove his handling of the problems.

After the Taliban that US troops were waging war against for more than two decades, overthrew the Afghan government in mid-August, Biden’s approval rating plummeted below 50 % over multiple polls with Morning Consult Poll released Monday setting the president’s approval rating at 48%. 

Despite the president’s fiery defence of the US troops withdrawal as an “extraordinary success, many consider it humiliating due to the speed of its execution the chaotic evacuation process that followed, something that was confirmed by the poll’s results that show 61% disproval of Biden’s handling of the withdrawal among voter, out of which 26% percent were Democrats, 71 % were independents and overwhelming 94% were Republicans.

The conflict in Afghanistan came to an end last week after all U.S. troops withdrew, ending America’s longest war. The U.S. evacuated more than 124,000 people from Afghanistan, including about 5,500 Americans.

When it comes to US’s role in Afghanistan, over 71% of Americans consider it a failure, 20% labeled it a success while 9% were unsure.

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