Kremlin Considers Dangerous US Promised Military Assistance to Ukraine

In light of President Biden’s promise to provide Ukraine with $60 million in military aid, which is considered vital for its efforts to counter Russian aggression and Russian-backed separatists in the southeast of the country, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned Wednesday it may result in unpredictable actions by Ukraine, including attempts to resolve Donbass crisis by force.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum, Peskov noted that apart the dangerous US plans of military assistance to Ukraine, Russia is also concerned that President Biden has not said a single word about the implementation of the Minsk agreements to his Ukrainian counterpart Zelensky.

The Minsk agreements were negotiated by the Normandy group in February 2015 and are designed to find a political solution to the conflict that was initiated in 2014 between the Ukrainian government and the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk and has been going on since.

That is highly unusual in light of the fact that President Biden has expressed strong support of the US for the Normandy format of the negotiations during the meeting with Zelensky.

Kremlin spokesman also underlined it’s regrettable that the so-called friendship against Russia between the United States and Ukraine was high on the agenda of the recent top-level meeting between Biden and Zelensky.

He backed up his claims pointing President Biden support for the Crimean Platform format Kiev set up on an effort to realize its claims to the Crimea peninsula despite its peaceful reunification with Russia as well as Biden’s promises to impose sanctions against Russian-German Nord Stream 2 pipeline if problems arise for Ukraine.

Following his Washington encounter, Zelensky told Ukrainian TV Biden personally gave him guarantees that the US would protect Kiev’s interests, particularly noting the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, and impose sanctions if Ukraine’s rights and energy security are violated.

Although Russia’s Gazprom pays Kiev large sums in gas transit fees Zelensky claims that Nord Stream 2 will potentially cost Kiev $3 billion every year in lost revenue.

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